Prime Minister Harper Wraps up Successful visit TO LATIN America
August 12, 2021
San Pedro Sula, Honduras – Prime Minister Stephen Harper today wrapped up a highly successful visit to Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Honduras during which he met with political and business leaders and announced 25 initiatives in a broad range of areas, including on trade, air transportation, taxation, development co-operation, and support for human rights, peace and security. These initiatives will deepen Canada’s ties with these important hemispheric partners.

“Canada continues to be an active player in the hemisphere, strengthening economic ties with its partners, improving market access and promoting security,” said Prime Minister Harper. “The many agreements signed during the visit will support job creation and economic growth in Canada and for our trading partners, which in turn, will contribute to advancing security and democratic governance in the region.”

The objectives of the trip were to promote and enhance security in the region and to increase Canadian prosperity through trade and investment. The following results demonstrate that these objectives were met:

In Brazil, the Prime Minister announced the following 11 initiatives:

  • An Air Transport Agreement
  • An Agreement on Social Security
  • A Memorandum of Understanding on Olympic Games Cooperation
  • A Memorandum of Understanding on International Development Cooperation Effectiveness
  • A Canada-Brazil Strategic Partnership Dialogue
  • Renewed Funding for the International Science and Technology Partnership Program
  • The development of a Science and Technology Action Plan focused on innovation
  • The first scholarships granted under the “Canada-Brazil Awards: Joint Research Projects”
  • The Governor General's leading of the Canadian delegation for the next Conference of the Americas on International Education to be hosted by Brazil in April 2012
  • The creation of a Canada-Brazil CEO Forum, and the appointment of Mr. Rick Waugh as Canadian co-chair of the Forum
  • The opening of three new Visa Application Centres

In Colombia, the Prime Minister announced the following 4 initiatives:

  • The entry into force of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement on August 15, 2021
  • Increased Canadian international development assistance to benefit children, at-youth risk and promote human rights
  • Support for new and ongoing projects that will enhance peace, security and justice in Colombia and the region
  • Colombia’s accession to Canada’s Military Training and Cooperation Program (2011-2014)

In Costa Rica, the Prime Minister announced the following 7 initiatives:

  • The launch of negotiations to modernize the Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement, with a commitment to conclude negotiations one year from now
  • An Air Transportation agreement
  • A Tax Information Exchange Agreement
  • Canadian support for the Costa Rican Police Enhancement Program to help Costa Rican national police officers gain advanced training and mentoring through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Canadian contribution of equipment to the Costa Rican police academy
  • Canadian support for capacity building and security training for the Costa Rican tourism industry
  • The opening of a new Visa Application Centre in Costa Rica

In Honduras, the Prime Minister announced the following 3 initiatives:

  • The conclusion of negotiations toward a Canada-Honduras free trade agreement
  • Canadian support to increase food security in Honduras
  • Canadian support to help address regional security challenges in Central America, including Honduras

The measures announced over the course of this visit are intended to enhance commercial flows, regional stability and security. They build upon the many successes of our Government’s Americas strategy, which is focused on promoting prosperity at home and in countries of the Western hemisphere, reinforcing democratic governance, increasing economic prosperity and advancing our common security.

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