Share your Ideas for Budget 2011 with David

In February, around the time of the next Budget, our Government will celebrate its fifth anniversary. As we do each year, we consult Canadians on their priorities for our annual Budget.

Budget 2011 will focus on supporting Canada’s economic recovery and job creation, as well as the Government’s plan to return to balanced budgets. In this context, the Minister of Finance has asked me to get your views on the following:

  • In what areas do you think the Federal Government can be more efficient and effective? With the understanding that the Federal Government is focused on keeping spending in check and ensuring spending is as efficient as possible.
  • Without throwing Canada off-track for balanced budgets, what cost-neutral or non-spending steps can the Federal Government take in Budget 2011 to help create jobs and promote economic growth?
  • What should Canada’s priorities be for the short- and long-term to encourage private sector growth and leadership in the economy?

Please consider taking the time to respond to these questions and send me your responses by December 10th, so that I may present them to the Minister personally. I ask that you respond to me by e-mail only at: to ensure I receive your thoughts as efficiently as possible. I also ask that you put “My Budget Suggestions” in the subject line. Please also ensure your e-mail has your full name and contact information.