M.P. David Tilson Reiterates Support For 2011 Federal Budget
June 07, 2021

OTTAWA – David Tilson, Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon, reiterated his support for the 2011 Budget, saying it will have positive benefits for local families, seniors and job-creating businesses.

“I believe that this budget reflects the priorities of the residents of Dufferin-Caledon,” said Mr. Tilson. “Our country is coming through the global economic recession in better shape than nearly all the major economies, with nearly 540,000 new jobs created since July of 2009. The global economy remains fragile, however, so the focus must remain on the economy.” 

The next phase of the Government’s plan keeps taxes low to promote jobs and economic growth, while supporting our families and seniors. Key parts of that plan include:

- Supporting Job Creation: a new Hiring Credit for Small Business to support local job growth, supporting Ontario’s manufacturing sector by extending tax relief for investments in new equipment and machinery and an expanded work sharing program.

- Strengthening our Families and Communities: up to $5,000 grants for Ontario families to make their homes more energy efficient; up to $840 in new annual financial support for needy Ontario seniors; a new Family Caregivers Tax Cradit; a new Childrens’ Arts Tax Credit; a new $3,000 Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit and the waiving of license renewal fees for hunters and firearm owners.

- Investing in the Economy of Tomorrow: increased support for research and technology, improved federal student loans program for Ontario students, and more.

- Preserving Canada’s Fiscal Advantage: keeping Canada on track for balanced budgets by eliminating ineffective spending growth, and closing unfair tax loopholes.

Now that the first phase of the Economic Action Plan is drawing to a close, it is clear to see how Dufferin-Caledon benefited. As a result of the stimulus funding, the riding received new sports facilities, new municipal infrastructure, and upgrades to the historic Dufferin County Courthouse, among many other projects. 

“Budget 2011 is a budget that delivers to Dufferin-Caledon; it makes it clear that the economy, job creation, and low taxes remain the Conservative Government’s top priority,” said Mr. Tilson.