Taking Action to Eliminate the Long-Gun Registry
May 29, 2021

Week of May 29 – June 2, 2021

The Auditor General, Sheila Fraser, released a report that shows what law abiding Canadians have known all along which is that the long-gun registry has been a colossal failure.  In 1995, the Liberal government told Canadians the gun registry plan would cost just $2 million, however the Auditor General’s report shows otherwise.

According to the report the cost of the program has ballooned to more than 500 times the original estimate and has now reached $1 billion.  I believe these findings show that something needs to be changed with our current long-gun registry.  My first concern as a Member of Parliament is to keep all Canadians safe and protected and one way to reach this goal is by funding the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with more capital.  I am proud to say that the Government has implemented some changes to gun registration to help better our country and our gun owners. We have transferred responsibility for the Firearms Act and regulations to the RCMP, taking over from the former Canada Firearms Centre.   I would like to take this opportunity to discuss additional changes that the Government has implemented.  I believe these modifications will lower the crime rates and help keep our streets safe and secure.

Another alteration that has been made to help better the people of this great country are to cut the firearms program by $10 million.  I feel that the taxpayers have paid enough and it’s time we put money back into their pockets.  Also, those wishing to renew their firearms licenses will not have to pay a fee and those people who have already renewed their license will receive a refund provided that their application was accepted.  To ease the burden placed on gun owners, onsite inspections of non-restricted firearms will come to an end and in most cases verification can be completed over the telephone.  Another change that has been implemented by the Government is to provide a one-year amnesty on the registration of long guns to protect previously licensed owners of non-restricted firearms from prosecution.

The Government intends to update the firearms program to ensure that it is a cost-effective and efficient crime fighting tool.  To do this the Government will meet the provinces, territories and stakeholder groups to hear all views on what the best course of action is for Canada.  I fully support these modifications to gun registration and I believe our country will benefit greatly from these changes.