New Horizons for Seniors Program
March 29, 2021

Ottawa Journal (March 29 – April 02, 2021)
David Tilson, M.P. (Dufferin-Caledon)

Seniors have worked hard and have made countless contributions to our great country. Our Government recognizes these contributions and aims to ensure that seniors continue to be involved and valued in their communities. Through the New Horizons Program for Seniors, seniors can benefit from and contribute to the quality of life in their communities through active living and participation in social activities. Right now, the Program is currently inviting applications from organizations from all over Canada to improve the quality of life for seniors and their communities.

The New Horizons for Seniors Program began in 2004 with the aim of working with Canadian seniors, who wish to be more involved in their communities and to share their life experiences and knowledge. By encouraging seniors to be actively engaged in their communities – whether it be improving facilities for seniors' activities or increasing awareness of elder abuse - the program works to better the lives of Canadian seniors and supports non-profit organizations that also encourage the involvement of seniors.
Under the Program, Federal funding is provided to many different organizations through three components: Community Participation and Leadership, Capital Assistance, and Elder Abuse Awareness. The Community Participation and Leadership Component funding encourages seniors to remain active, help those in need, and provide leadership. The funding supports community-based activities such as seniors volunteering, seniors reaching out to involve other seniors, and seniors passing on their skills to others. Projects under this component may address a wide range of activities led by seniors that benefit their communities. Some examples are a volunteer outreach program, a mentorship program between seniors and youth, and teaching peers new skills such as gardening or cooking. In order to receive funding, activities must be based locally and endorsed by the community.
Capital Assistance funding helps organizations that serve seniors to replace outdated equipment or pay for building repairs. This enables seniors to continue to lead active lives by participating in programs in their communities. Eligible activities could include repairs or renovations to existing seniors’ community facilities or the purchase of replacement equipment and furnishings required for community programs and activities for seniors.
Elder Abuse Awareness funding helps non-profit organizations develop national, provincial/territorial, or regional education and awareness activities for seniors, their families, and those who provide services to them, in order to help prevent the abuse of older adults.
Currently, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) is accepting applications under the Community Participation and Leadership funding component. Grants of up to $25,000 for community-based projects that encourage seniors to play an important role in their communities are available through this funding. The deadline for all of Canada, except Quebec, is April 16, 2010. A future call for proposals under the Capital Assistance component is anticipated in fall 2010 and Elder Abuse funding will be announced.
For more information on the New Horizons for Seniors Program, please feel free to visit: or call: 1-800-277-9914.
Through the New Horizons for Seniors Program, seniors are continuing to strengthen our communities by passing on invaluable knowledge and skills from one generation to the next, while remaining active and involved.