Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget
November 12, 2021
Remembrance Day is a time for all Canadians to honour the selfless dedication of those who served in times of war, military conflict, and peace. We also honour those who continue to serve our country in Afghanistan and other areas of conflict. These men and women are upholding a noble Canadian tradition by taking an active role in bringing stability and peace to parts of the world that have seen turmoil and upheaval. Each year on November 11th, Canadians from coast to coast show their pride and gratitude for our Veterans during events and activities that take place across the country in their honour.

We also remember and honour heroes of past conflicts. This year, for example, we marked the 65th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid and the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. We witnessed the passing of two of our country’s last known First World War Veterans. In April, thousands of Canadians from coast to coast watched ceremonies in France commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the dedication of the restored Canadian National Vimy Memorial.

All Canadians, especially youth need to take an active role in remembrance. There are many ways to get involved on Remembrance Day and throughout the year. We can all get involved by talking to a veteran, visiting a local cenotaph or monument, reading a book on our Veterans’ great sacrifices and achievements, or by attending Remembrance ceremonies. When young Canadians participate in commemorative events, they take up the torch of remembrance and as a result, we can rest assured that future generations will continue to commemorate those who helped shape Canada as a nation.

There is more we can do as Canadians to honour and commemorate those who did make it home. Remembrance should not be confined to a single day or week each year. We as parents, educators, mentors, and community members must be willing to take an active role. We must ensure that our Veterans and the courageous men and women who continue to serve today are not forgotten. We must not forget them because we are the future they fought for and as Canadians, we cherish the values that they still fight for in many parts of the world. We owe it to our future to remember.
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