Liberals Refuse (again) To Stand And Be Counted
November 14, 2021
Once Again, Opposition Takes Vote Sitting Down

Tonight, the Liberal Party of Canada again refused to do their job.  As Canada’s Official Opposition, they abstained - once again - on a vote in the House of Commons, on a Bloc Opposition motion.  

“Conservatives stand up for Canada, Liberals stand for nothing,” said Peter Van Loan, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform.  “Stéphane Dion’s ability to sit and do nothing would make even Homer Simpson proud.  When it comes to serious policy issues such as the Speech from the Throne and the economic and fiscal update, the Liberals continually refuse to stand and be counted.”

This was the third time so far this session that the Liberal Party abstained on a vote in the House of Commons.  The first abstention was on the Speech from the Throne.  The second was on the ways and means motion to reduce the GST to 5%.  The third was tonight on a Bloc Quebecois opposition day motion. 

“The Liberals seem more interested in keeping their seats warm rather than standing up for anything” continued Van Loan.  “We are left to ask: does Canada have a real Official Opposition.”

As an interesting note, both Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff did not show up in the House of Commons to participate in tonight’s abstention. 

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