Prime Minister Highlights Goal Of Improving Canadian Prosperity And Quality Of Life
January 11, 2021
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today met with Canada’s First Ministers for discussions on working together to ensure the country’s long-term economic prosperity and growth.

Canada’s economic fundamentals are strong and the country is well-positioned for long-term growth and prosperity. Ensuring that Canadians continue to benefit from a strong economy requires careful attention to a wide range of factors affecting the country’s economic performance. Some of them, such as foreign currency fluctuations and the recent appreciation of the Canadian dollar, are the result of global forces. However, many other factors are within the scope of the governments of the Canadian federation to influence.

“The Government of Canada’s long term economic plan is working. Our economy is strong. But at the same time, we continue to face challenges and we must, together, explore ways for all levels of government – individually and collectively – to further strengthen the economic union,” said the Prime Minister. “Our common goal must lie in improving the prosperity and quality of life of Canadians throughout the country.”

While the Canadian economy is performing well, it was recognized that some sectors and communities remain vulnerable to circumstances resulting from changes in the global economy. That is why the Government of Canada delivered on its Speech from the Throne commitment to help vulnerable communities across our country confront unique economic difficulties through the establishment of the $1 billion Community Development Trust.

Today’s discussion follows significant measures, through Budget 2007 and the October 2007 economic statement, to strengthen the economy. The Government has taken decisive action to substantially reduce both personal and corporate taxes, taken steps to create an environment for businesses to grow and prosper,   invested heavily in infrastructure and training, and restored fiscal balance with the provinces and the territories.

”I’m pleased with our constructive discussion this evening,” the Prime Minister added. “We want to see our vast country move forward productively, with all its regions as full participants. And it is essential that Canada’s governments work together, in a spirit of open federalism, to ensure the right conditions for Canada’s economic success.”

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