Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act Gives Farmers and Economy More Opportunities

November 02, 2021

Ottawa, Ontario, November 2, 2021 - Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz appeared before the Legislative Committee today on C-18, the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act, to explain why Western Canadian farmers must have the freedom to market wheat and barley in the best interest of their individual farms.

"Our Government trusts farmers — regardless of where they live or what crop they grow — to make marketing choices based on what is best for their own businesses," said Minister Ritz. "Marketing freedom will attract investment, encourage innovation and create value-added jobs, building a stronger economy for all Canadians."

Minister Ritz called upon the Legislative Committee Members to support the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act because once it receives Royal Assent, the true economic potential and entrepreneurial energy of the Western Canadian grain sector will be unleashed.

Minister Ritz reiterated no plebiscite should ever shackle the individual rights of farmers.

"Each individual farmer must have the right to decide how they market the crop that they paid to plant, spent months to grow, and worked tirelessly to harvest," said Minister Ritz. "The Government will give each and every farmer a choice in how they market their wheat and barley, whether that's voluntarily through the Canadian Wheat Board or on the open market."

The Harper Government's top priority is the economy, in which agriculture plays a vital role. The Government will continue to work with Western Canadian grain farmers, their organizations and provincial partners to ensure an orderly transition to marketing freedom.