David Tilson, M.P. Announces Support for Project Led and Inspired by Seniors

March 28, 2021

BOLTON, Ontario – Seniors in Dufferin-Caledon will soon have new opportunities to volunteer and mentor younger generations, while taking part in social activities, today announced by David Tilson, Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon.

Bethell Hospice is receiving $25,000 for its project from the New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Seniors involved with Bethell Hospice will develop a senior volunteer project to engage the community, increase civil participation, motivate intergenerational connections, and shared learning.

“Our Government recognizes the valuable contribution seniors have made to our society and the economy,” said Mr. Tilson. “By supporting New Horizons for Seniors Program projects, we are acting to ensure that seniors maintain a good quality of life and continue to be active members of their communities.”

“This grant will help Bethell Hospice to increase the quality of life for seniors through volunteerism, and to increase awareness in our community,” said Louise Stinson, Senior Manager of Volunteer and Facility Administration for Bethell Hospice. “We are absolutely thrilled to be a recipient of the New Horizons for Seniors funding.”


The New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) is a federal grants and contributions program that supports projects led or inspired by seniors who make a difference in the lives of others and their communities. Through the NHSP, the Government of Canada encourages seniors to share their knowledge, skills and experiences to the benefit of others. Since 2006, the NHSP has funded more than 13 000 projects in hundreds of communities across Canada.

NHSP funding is targeted to both community-based and pan-Canadian projects.

Community-based project funding supports activities that engage seniors and address one or more of the program's five objectives: volunteering, mentoring, expanding awareness of elder abuse, social participation, and capital assistance. These projects are eligible to receive up to $25,000 per year per organization in grant funding.

Pan-Canadian projects provide support to help seniors protect themselves from elder abuse, including financial abuse and fraud abuse. These projects can enable community members to better recognize elder abuse in all its forms and to improve the quality of life, safety and security of seniors. Projects focus on developing tools, resources and promising practices that can be adapted and shared across communities, regions or Canada and may be eligible to receive up to $250,000 per year for a maximum of three years.

Over 1 770 NHSP community-based projects were approved through the 2013-2014 call for proposals for a total of more than $33.4 million in funding.

It is anticipated that the next NHSP Call for Proposals for Community-Based Projects will launch in the spring of 2014. For more information on the NHSP, visit www.hrsdc.gc.ca/seniors.

Backgrounder on Bethell Hospice

Bethell Hospice is the only residential hospice serving Caledon, Brampton, Dufferin County and West Woodbridge, and also offers community palliative care services in Caledon and North Brampton. There are no fees to stay at Bethell Hospice, or to receive any of their community care services. No one is ever denied care due to financial situation.

Bethell Hospice Foundation exists to raise the funds necessary to allow Bethell Hospice to operate. Care costs at Bethell Hospice are partially funded through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, via the Central West LHIN and the Central West CCAC. Each year, 40% of Bethell Hospice operating costs (or $700,000) must also be raised through fundraising initiatives.

For more information on Bethell Hospice, visit www.bethellhospice.org.