Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is an Election Gimmick

October 29, 2021

We’re less than one year away from the next federal election and the games by the Liberals have begun. On October 23, 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he will be forcing Canadians living in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick to pay for his ill-conceived, detrimental carbon tax. He claims he will return 90 per cent of all the money he collects; however, we the Conservative Official Opposition, know the Prime Minister is simply looking for more money to throw at his debt and deficits. Canadians can also see the carbon tax for what it really is - an election gimmick.

We don’t have to look far for an example of how a carbon tax doesn’t work to tackle climate change. Despite having the highest carbon tax in Canada, emissions have continued to rise in British Columbia. The result of it is that British Columbians now pay more for gas than anyone else in North America. The province’s carbon tax isn’t helping the environment; it’s just costing people more to commute to work and take their kids to hockey and soccer practice. The Liberals admit that gasoline prices will go up by at least 11 cents a litre and that the cost of heating one’s home will increase by over $200. The Parliamentary Budget Officer found that the Liberal carbon tax will take $10 billion out of the Canadian economy by 2022, while other estimates argue the cost could be as much as $35 billion per year.

Prime Minister Trudeau continues to withhold documents that would show the true cost of his carbon tax, but Canadians are supposed to believe his rebates will cover it all. A measly $12.50 a month won’t cover the hundreds of dollars more it costs Canadians to heat their homes, feed their families, and fill their gas tanks. The reality is that his carbon tax will make everything more expensive – from driving to work, to feeding your family, to filling your gas tank. Furthermore, unless large and developing countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, global emissions will not decrease. The Prime Minister’s carbon tax will not save the environment; it will only hurt Canada’s economy and Canadian families. Only a Liberal could argue that a new tax will leave money in your pocket, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Canadians know this and aren’t falling for it.

Canadians have known all along that Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax was a tax plan dressed up as an emissions plan. However, we’ve now all learned that it’s also an election gimmick. We, the Conservative Official Opposition, like Canadians, see through it and we will continue to hold Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accountable for his blatant tax grab.