Support for Manufacturing

February 09, 2021

Ottawa Journal (February 09 – February 13, 2021)

Only our Government is committed to Canada’s manufacturing sector and to real measures to support it. Since we came to office, we’ve taken action to support manufacturing and all the jobs it supports in Southwestern Ontario and across Canada.

Unfortunately, not all parties agree with this approach. However, giving up on a key sector is not the way to create jobs or promote long-term prosperity. Giving up and declaring defeat is the wrong thing to do – particularly when that attitude is contradicted by the facts.

In Ontario, for example, manufacturing sales are up 41 per cent from the global recession. This is success that should be encouraged, not a sign that it’s time to give up!

In fact, our Government has worked hard to support the manufacturing jobs so many Canadians rely on. This includes supporting the infrastructure that communities and businesses rely on, so it’s easier for manufacturers to get their goods to market. It includes, over just the last year, tripling the number of countries with which Canada has free trade agreements, to open up new export opportunities. It includes measures specifically aimed at manufacturing.

For example, it’s our Government, through FedDev Ontario, that partnered with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) to help manufacturers in Southern Ontario adopt advanced technologies and enhance productivity. We also awarded a $287 million contract to a London-area contractor to upgrade Light Armoured Vehicles, which will better protect members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Furthermore, we’ve made it easier for businesses to invest in new manufacturing equipment, so they can remain competitive.

Our support has not gone unrecognized. Jason Myers, President of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, said that, “Many of the programs the Conservative Government has put in place do support manufacturing, and do it very well.”

Our Government will continue to support manufacturing and job creation throughout the economy. Canada’s job-creation record is the best in the G7 and we’re working to help make sure we stay on track for more jobs and greater prosperity.