Phoenix Pay System Fiasco Remains Unresolved

May 08, 2021

For more than a year now, the current Liberal government has shown little action on resolving the issues of the Phoenix Pay System. Hundreds of thousands of public servants have been impacted by the fiasco; however, this most serious issue has not been a priority for the current government. It was only recently that the Prime Minister announced a ministerial working group to finally address the ongoing issues of the system. This is yet another example of the current Liberal government failing to take action for Canadians.

The Phoenix Pay System was launched in February 2016, despite the recommendations of senior officials at the Treasury Board Secretariat. The current Liberal government forced the implementation of a system that was not fully operational, putting the financial stability of public servants in jeopardy even though the department was made aware of the risks of doing so. Since its launch, the system has had issues and public servants have encountered problems. However, Canadians have experienced everything from the government withholding information and refusing to come clean on the real scope of the backlog, to indifference, empty promises, and ultimately, next to no real action to resolve the issues.

The men and women of the public service work hard for Canadians and they deserve to be paid in a timely fashion. It is completely unacceptable that the current Liberal government’s pay system fiasco is still unresolved and that public service employees are still not receiving the pay they are owed. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Services and Procurement promised to take responsibility and fix the problems, but have repeatedly failed to take action. It is ridiculous that it has taken more than one year for the Prime Minister and his government to form a simple working group. Employees who are on the verge of losing their homes, being forced to postpone their educations, or going into debt because they aren’t being paid properly cannot wait two more years. Furthermore, this fiasco is going to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars to fix the current government’s mistakes.

The current Liberal government needs to outline a clear plan to fix the Phoenix Pay System and help the hundreds of thousands of public servants who have been impacted that doesn’t further burden taxpayers. Canadians are tired of lip service, indifference, and inaction. It’s time for real action.