Last Session of Parliament before the 2019 Federal Election

February 04, 2021

The winter session of Parliament has begun and it will be last session before the fall 2019 federal General Election. The current Liberal government is heading into this session in a weakened position, following a long series of considerable mistakes and poor decisions, which have cost hardworking Canadian taxpayers money and confidence in their government. We, the Conservative Official Opposition, have and will continue to hold Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government accountable during the remaining months of this session, while also presenting Canadians with a positive alternative to the last four years of out-of-control spending, increased taxes, and mounting debt.

Prime Minister Trudeau claims to support middle class families. However, his actions are far different than his words. He inherited a great fortune and because he’s never had to worry about money, he doesn’t worry about Canadians’ hard-earned money, and therefore, will continue to make Canadians pay for his costly mistakes. His failure to balance the budget means higher taxes down the road and less protection against the next economic downturn. He promised he’d balance the budget in 2019; however, he’s instead continued to spend and the deficit is more than $21 billion this year (Parliamentary Budget Office). According to Finance Canada, the budget will not be balanced until at least 2040, by then racking up an additional $271 billion of debt. Every year that Justin Trudeau runs deficits, he is borrowing money from future generations. Today’s deficits are tomorrow’s taxes.

The Prime Minister’s Carbon Tax does nothing for the environment, but it will increase the cost of gas, home heating, and everyday essentials. What’s worse is that it’s only going to become more expensive. In 2019, Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax starts at $20 a tonne, going up to $50 in three years, but internal government documents confirm the Liberals are already planning for a carbon tax of $300 a tonne, which is 15 times larger than what it will be on April 1 when it becomes effective. The Prime Minister has also cut a special carbon tax side deal with Canada’s largest emitters, meaning they will continue to pollute for free while families and small business owners are left with the full force of the tax. For wealthy Liberals like Justin Trudeau, an extra $100 a month on a grocery bill or electricity bill might not be a big deal, but it matters a lot to a family trying to make their household budget last until the end of the month.

If re-elected, Justin Trudeau will continue to raise taxes to pay for his mistakes. He’s already tried once to tax employee discounts; health and dental benefits; and go after small business owners. According to the Fraser Institute, more than 90 per cent of Canadian families will pay higher taxes once the Liberals’ Canada Pension Plan (CPP) tax increases are fully implemented by 2025. This will impact middle class families the Prime Minister claims to be supporting.

According to Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) own website, the Liberals’ plan to tax employee discounts ‘is currently under review.’ Hardworking, low-income, wage-earning retail workers should not have to pay tax on the small employee discounts they receive. In addition, the Parliamentary Budget Officer published a report which found that Justin Trudeau’s plan to tax employer-provided health benefits will cost Canadians $2.8 billion in personal income taxes. The Liberals’ previously proposed tax grab would’ve forced business owners to pay a 73 per cent tax on savings income, penalized family businesses for sharing earnings and work with family members, and doubled the tax on the sale of a farm from parents to children, forcing them to sell instead to multinational corporations.

We will continue to hold Prime Minister Trudeau and his current Liberal government accountable over the coming months. Canadians deserve a government made up of talented, passionate, and motivated men and women who work every day to help Canadians realize their dreams. Our Conservative team is offering that positive vision, as we approach the next federal General Election. We will lower taxes, put people first, and make Canadians proud on the world stage once again. This is the type of government Canadians expect and deserve.