Real Leadership
March 23, 2021

Ottawa Journal (March 23 – March 27, 2021)
David Tilson, M.P.

During times of real challenge, the truth comes out. The character and judgment of leaders are defined by how they deal with issues.

Canada is facing a real challenge. The world economic crisis is hurting Canadian businesses, workers, families and communities. The problems we are facing did not start in Canada. In fact, many experts believe that, due to our strong banking system, Canada’s economy continues to perform better than those of our allies like the United States, Japan and the countries of the European Union.

During this challenging time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is delivering for Canadian families. After weeks of far-reaching consultations, the Conservative government recently unveiled Canada’s Economic Action Plan. It provides strong, realistic measures to help guide Canada through the global economic hardship.

More recently, the Prime Minister and several members of the Cabinet have been travelling abroad to continue promoting Canada’s interests. Building on the success of President Obama’s February visit to Canada, the Prime Minister recently visited New York to meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to discuss global security. While there, Prime Minister Harper held a roundtable discussion with US business leaders to discuss US-Canadian trade.

Ministers Cannon and Prentice have also been travelling abroad. Minister Cannon attended a global conference of world leaders, in Egypt, to discuss rebuilding Gaza. Minister Prentice visited Washington to continue on with talks for a North American climate-change strategy.

These are just a few of the many ways our Prime Minister and our Government are working hard to advance Canada’s interests abroad, while protecting families and stimulating business here at home. Our Government is taking clear action and ensuring that Canada will emerge from the global recession in a stronger position than ever before.

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