Prime Minister Harper Unveils Revised Motion On The Future Of Canada’s Mission In Afghanistan
February 21, 2021
Ottawa, Ontario - In a speech to the Conference of Defence Associations today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled details of the Government’s revised motion on the future of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Harper noted that the revised motion represents an effort to achieve a bi-partisan consensus in the House on the future of the mission. It builds on the original Government motion derived from the recommendations of the Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan by incorporating large elements of a motion proposed by the Liberal party. “This motion acknowledges what is required for Canada’s mission to succeed in Afghanistan,” said the Prime Minister

”I am pleased that there is some fundamental common ground between the Government and the Official Opposition, particularly agreement that the mission should continue until 2011 and that operational decisions should be left to Canadian commanders on the ground in Afghanistan.”

The details of the revised motion were part of a speech outlining the role Canada and its military should play in the global security landscape. Highlighting the Government’s commitment to rebuilding the military and Canada’s long-standing tradition as a reliable partner and ally in the quest for global security, the Prime Minister announced that the Government has decided to set aside stable and predictable funding for this plan by increasing the automatic annual increase in defence spending from 1.5 per cent to 2 per cent, beginning in 2011-12. This increase will be reflected in the fiscal framework.

This funding, together with new and upgraded equipment, will improve the general effectiveness and safety of Canada’s troops.

“The successful pursuit of all of Canada’s interests around the world – trade, investment, diplomatic and humanitarian – ultimately depends on security,” said Prime Minister Harper. “That’s why we need to build a first-class modern military and keep it that way.”

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