Tilson meets with Swedish Parliamentarians
February 03, 2021
OTTAWA – David Tilson, Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon, met in Ottawa this week with a delegation of Swedish Parliamentarians to exchange views on matters of mutual concern to both Canada and Sweden.

On February 1, in his capacity as Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, Mr. Tilson met with the delegation at the residence of the Swedish Ambassador to discuss immigration-related issues of importance to both Sweden and Canada.

On February 2, in his role as President of the Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association, Mr. Tilson led an all-party group of Members of Parliament as they met with the Swedish Parliamentarians to discuss topics related to security and the proposed free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union.

“Our discussions with the Swedish delegation were very productive,” Mr. Tilson said following the meetings.  “It is important to share views and opinions with our elected counterparts from Europe. We learn a great deal through these exchanges with respect to how our governments handle the problems facing our populations.”
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