M.P. Tilson participates in Humberview Citizenship Ceremony
March 07, 2021

BOLTON, ON – David Tilson, the Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon, participated in a special citizenship ceremony that was held at The Humberview School, in Bolton, on Wednesday, March 07, 2007. The ceremony was held in the school’s cafeteria, in the morning, and was hosted by The Humberview School.

During the moving ceremony, 22 candidates were officially sworn in as Canadian citizens. The ceremony was performed by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada Judge, along with other representatives from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The school’s Civics classes also observed the presentation, to learn more on meaning and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.

Mr. Tilson addressed the new citizens, as well as the Humberview students during the ceremony and reflected on the rights and responsibilities that come with Canadian citizenship including, “the responsibility to vote, to participate in your community, to be a good neighbour, and to defend our country and its values. When you identify yourself as a Canadian, you not only represent yourself, but you also represent your country and your fellow citizens.”

Following the ceremony, Mr. Tilson was asked to comment on the success of the morning, “The Humberview School did a fantastic job in organizing this special event and in working with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to make it a success. I was also pleased to see so many Civics students participating in this educational ceremony. I’m sure after watching, they now have a deeper appreciation and understanding of what Canadian citizenship represents.”