Tilson Recognizes Kaden Young Volunteers

May 01, 2021

OTTAWA, ON – This afternoon Dufferin-Caledon MP David Tilson rose in the House of Commons to recognize all the volunteers that assisted with the search for Kaden Young along the Grand River. Mr. Tilson said:


“Mr. Speaker, Members will know of the tragedy that struck the community of Grand Valley on February 21 of this year when 3 year old Kaden Young was swept from his mother’s arms into the swollen Grand River and was taken from us.

What Members may not know is that hundreds of volunteers worked tirelessly over the intervening weeks until sadly Kaden’s body was found on April 21.

Some of the volunteers who helped in the search for Kaden did so for weeks, every day, in the hopes of finding the young boy. Many came from across Ontario to aid in the effort, some even donating their vacation time.

Grand Valley and the surrounding community were hit hard by this tragedy, but residents rallied to aid in the search from the moment they heard the news. Such is the strength of their community spirit and determination to help the Young family that they put aside their evenings and weekends to help.

So to the volunteers who came to the aid of Kaden’s mother and father in helping to search for their son, I would like to, on behalf of all Members, thank them for their tireless efforts. Rest in peace, Kaden.”