Tilson Participates in Citizenship Ceremony at Humberview

November 09, 2021

BOLTON, ONDavid Tilson, Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon, participated in a special citizenship ceremony today, hosted by Humberview Secondary School in Bolton.

During the special ceremony, citizenship candidates took their Oath of Canadian citizenship and were presented with their Canadian citizenship certificates, while their families and loved ones observed, as well as the Humberview Civics class students. The ceremony was presided over by Julia Koschitzky, along with other officials from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

“I’m always honoured to participate in citizenship ceremonies like this one today,” said Mr. Tilson, following the conclusion of the ceremony. “It’s a privilege to welcome and congratulate new Canadian citizens as they take their oath of citizenship, but it also reminds those of us who already hold Canadian citizenship the immense value and many responsibilities we each have as Canadians. I hope the Civics students at Humberview Secondary School who observed the ceremony, were inspired to always strive to be active and engaged Canadians.

“Active citizenship is at the centre of the Civics courses at Humberview Secondary School, as it helps ensures that all citizens are empowered and self-advocating,” said Humberview teacher, George Allain. “We are honoured that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have allowed us to host the event and privileged that our Member of Parliament, David Tilson, could participate.”

Humberview Secondary School previously hosted a special citizenship ceremony in 2014.