Tilson asks government to produce details on quarry

November 21, 2021

Ottawa, ON – David Tilson, Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon, on Thursday formally asked the Government to explain why it hasn't pursued his request for a federal Environmental Assessment to be undertaken on the proposed Melancthon mega-quarry.

“I know the federal government has been looking at the Melancthon mega-quarry project from a number of different perspectives,” said Mr. Tilson. “I’m trying to find out what information they have.”

Mr. Tilson placed a question on the Order Paper, a Parliamentary procedure where an MP can ask a written question of the Government designed to get specific details on a particular topic. In the case of the mega-quarry, Mr. Tilson asked which departments the Minister of the Environment and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has been in contact with and on what specific subjects with regard to the mega-quarry. He is also looking to find out if the Government has been in contact with the Government of Ontario or the Highland Companies. The Government has 45 days to respond.

“This is a critically important issue in Dufferin County,” said Mr. Tilson. “I’m working to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Asking the government for the information it has on the project is part of that oversight process.”