February 09, 2016

Orangeville, ON – David Tilson, Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon, today reacted to the Liberal government’s announced ISIS strategy by saying that it was a step backward from Canada’s traditional role as fighters for human rights and international security.

“ISIS has singled out Canada as a target and now the Liberals are taking our most effective offensive weapon in this fight – our CF-18s – and sending them home,” said Mr. Tilson. “It makes no sense and is certainly not in solidarity with our allies in the coalition to destroy ISIS.”

While the Liberals have announced the withdrawal of Canada’s CF-18s, they have also stated that RCAF air surveillance and air-to-air refuelling assets will remain in theatre. This means Canadian aircraft will be finding targets and refuelling other nations’ jets to do our bombing for us.

“Canada has a tremendous capacity to assist in this effort. We should maintain our airstrike capability while also increasing training for ground forces and increasing humanitarian aid and diplomatic engagement,” said Mr. Tilson. “Mr. Trudeau made yet another ill-considered election promise on our CF-18s before being presented with the facts and now he is embarrassing Canada through this action.”