U.S. Missile Attacks on Syria

April 17, 2021

Just over a week ago, the United States fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria in response to what it believes was a chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime, which killed more than 100 people. In taking this action, the U.S. has sent the Assad regime a clear message that using chemical weapons against its own people will not be tolerated. This action is in stark contrast to the approach of the current Liberal government in its approach to Syria. It’s time for Canada to stand up with countries, like the U.S., and hold the Syrian government accountable for its actions.

The Conservative Official Opposition strongly supports the efforts of the U.S. to prevent Syria’s military from launching further chemical weapon attacks. The global community cannot sit idly by while deadly nerve toxins are unleashed on innocent civilians. Unfortunately, to date, Prime Minister Trudeau has offered very little in terms of concrete action to hold the Russian-backed Syrian government accountable. It's yet another example of the current Liberal government’s naïve efforts to normalize relations with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Canadian foreign policy must always be based on the principles of freedom, democracy, and rule of law. Moreover, Bashar al-Assad must be held accountable for his crimes against humanity and we must support our allies to achieve this end.

We, as the Conservative Official Opposition, have always rejected the Liberal government’s ‘go along to get along’ approach at the United Nations. Contrary to the Prime Minister’s beliefs, the United Nations Security Council has proven itself ineffectual when it comes to resolving the Syrian conflict. In fact, the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada seem to have been out of the loop on this action by the United States.

The Conservative Official Opposition supports the actions of Canada’s allies in holding the Syrian government accountable. Furthermore, we call on the Prime Minister to finally recognize and respect Canada’s traditional role in confronting evil and tyranny wherever it exits. Canada has a long and proud history of doing this and should continue to do so.