Taking Action to Protect Workers
November 18, 2021

Ottawa Journal (November 23 – November 27, 2021)
David Tilson, M.P. (Dufferin-Caledon)

As Canadians continue to face the challenges of the global recession, our Government is still working to ensure that workers and their families can manage through this difficult time. Through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, our Government is working to protect vulnerable Canadians whose jobs and security are at risk due to the global recession. Since the challenges aren't permanent, we have worked to deliver solutions that can provide short-term help to those who need it, while ensuring that future generations aren’t saddled with permanent deficits and out-of-control debt.

In order to give workers some extra protection while they are looking for new jobs, we are extending Employment Insurance benefits by an additional five weeks for the next two years. We are also extending the benefits from forty-five weeks to fifty weeks for the same timeframe. This extension will also help workers facing tough times in finding a new job in this challenging economic situation.

For those Canadians who have lost their jobs, we are taking action to help them gain new skills and train for better, higher paying opportunities. By providing close to an additional $1 billion over the next two years, we are working with the provinces and territories to expand those programs which have delivered results in the past.

In the midst of the recession, it is important to protect as many Canadian jobs as possible. This is why we are also acting to help keep more Canadians working by extending work-sharing agreements by fourteen weeks to a maximum of 52 weeks. Through work-sharing agreements, companies are able to avoid laying off their skilled employees and families are saved from the difficulties and stress of losing their jobs.

More recently, we have also taken action to help protect long-tenured workers. These workers, who have been paying into EI for years, are facing unique challenges. This is because they have been continuously employed for many years and may face more difficulty finding new employment. Through Bill C-50, which is now law, our Government is providing between five and twenty additional weeks of EI benefits.

In addition, our Government has brought forward new legislation that will allow self-employed Canadians, including farmers and small business owners, to have the choice to opt-in to special Employment Insurance benefits. Many organizations have called for this option on behalf of self-employed workers and our Government is delivering. In this challenging economic climate, we are continuing to give self-employed Canadians the tools they need to succeed.

Through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, our Government is working to help Canadian families face the challenges of the global recession, while laying a solid foundation for growth and prosperity in the future.