Securing Canada’s Economic Recovery

November 09, 2021

Ottawa Journal (November 14 – November 18, 2021)
David Tilson, MP

Our Government is focused on what matters to Canadians – supporting job creation and economic growth. Canada’s Economic Action Plan has seen the creation of approximately 650,000 new jobs since July 2009. We are continuing to implement our low-tax plan to help sustain economic growth, support communities, help Canadian families, and respect taxpayers.

Indeed, Canada’s performance has won praise from around the world. Most recently, the eminent Forbes magazine ranked Canada first in their annual look at ‘The Best Countries for Business.’ Among the factors that make Canada such a good place to invest, conduct business, and create jobs are our high level of personal freedom, relatively low level of taxes, and red tape, and the innovation of Canadian businesses and workers.

Canadians should take pride in our country’s performance; at the same time, there’s still much work to be done. Troubles around the world can affect our fragile economic recovery. This is why it’s so important that we stay the course. We’ve been focused for more than two years on implementing our Action Plan to continue the recovery and promote economic growth.

The Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan is essential to protect our recovery and support continued job creation. One new step is a temporary hiring credit for small business – a direct, practical measure to encourage the businesses at the heart of our economy to employ more workers. We will also support key areas of Canada’s economy with targeted measures to encourage clean energy generation and investments in manufacturing equipment, as well as simplifying customs tariffs. These measures will keep Canada a clean-energy superpower and a place that encourages the investment and trade that drive our economy forward.

To support continued economic growth over the long-term, we need to make the right investments now – particularly in education and training – to help Canadians develop the skills that will be demanded by the jobs of tomorrow. Our plan improves federal financial support for students. It also includes loan forgiveness for new doctors and nurses who work in under-served rural and remote areas. We will also extend the Tuition Tax Credit to cover examination fees for workers in the skilled trades, making sure they are prepared for good jobs and providing skills Canada will continue to need.

As part of our plan, we’re working to support Canadian families and the communities they live in. We will make funding for municipal infrastructure permanent by providing $2 billion annually through the Gas Tax Fund – giving communities the predictable long-term funding they need for the infrastructure we all rely on. We’re also supporting families with measures like the Children’s Arts Tax Credit, to help parents keep their children active and involved in their communities.

We’re also showing respect for taxpayers by phasing out direct government funding of political parties, saving about $30 million a year and forcing parties to raise their own money instead of relying on taxpayer-funded handouts.

Taken together, these measures keep Canada on the right track. The Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan is helping continue Canada’s economic growth and job creation, while providing families and communities with the support they need. Canadians gave our Government a strong mandate to remain focused on what matters most and we’re doing exactly that.