Protecting Consumers

January 04, 2021

Ottawa Journal (January 07 – January 11, 2021)

Canadians want to know that the products they buy are safe, especially the products they buy for their children. Our Government understands this concern. We have acted several times since 2006, most recently this last November, passing legislation to help improve the safety of products on store shelves. Whether it’s addressing unsafe materials, strengthening safety standards or requiring more accurate labelling so Canadians can make informed choices, concerned parents and consumers can count on our Government.

For example, our Government has acted several times to help ensure unsafe substances are subject to new, tougher regulations. This includes taking action against cadmium in children’s jewellery. It includes banning the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles, following a scientific study that indicated a risk to human health. It also includes tough new limits on lead in consumer products, including children’s toys. Experts have warned that even small amounts of lead can harm growing children, so our Government listened and took action to protect the health of Canadians. In particular, our legislation works to reduce lead in products intended for children under three years old and for some products intended to come into contact with the mouth such as soothers, straws, and mouthpieces for musical instruments.

In addition to helping protect Canadians from unsafe substances in the products they buy, our Government also strengthened safety standards for cribs and bassinets, including portable cribs. The new, stronger standards apply to such critical aspects as flammability, pinching hazards, and toeholds that could possibly let an infant crawl out. By insisting that cribs sold in Canada meet modern safety standards, we’re helping protect infants and reassuring parents so both can sleep better.

Another vital reform, passed through our Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, is enabling Health Canada to issue mandatory recalls for unreasonably dangerous products. This reform expands the ability of Health Canada to protect consumers by removing dangerous products from store shelves and should give consumers and parents more confidence in the toys and goods they buy. The same legislation also toughened labelling standards, to prevent false health and safety claims.

Canadians can be assured that our Government has taken action to keep dangerous products away from our children and to give all consumers greater confidence in the goods they buy. Through stronger safety standards, stricter labelling regulations and tougher limitations on potentially dangerous substances, we’ve worked to protect Canadians and their families. Together, these measures represent a tough and thorough approach to consumer safety and that will always be the policy of our Government.