Our Government is Delivering for Hard-Working Farm Families

September 13, 2021

Ottawa Journal (September 13 – September 17, 2021)
David Tilson, M.P. (Dufferin-Caledon)

Every day, Canada’s farming families work hard and grow the food we put on our tables. Farmers deserve the thanks and support of all Canadians and under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is delivering for farmers. In fact, we have delivered $5 billion in direct payments for farm families through our Business Risk Management suite since we took office in 2006.

Canada’s farmers are the best in the world, but the global economic recession has created real challenges for farm communities. Our Government is taking action to help folks who feed our country. This year’s Jobs and Growth Budget includes:

  • $75 million to ensure Canadian livestock producers continue to have access to competitive livestock processing operations in Canada;
  • $52 million over the next two years for the Canadian Grain Commission to maintain its mandated services and operations; and
  • Billions of dollars to upgrade roads, bridges, tunnels, and other projects so that farmers can get products to market more efficiently.

Our Jobs and Growth Budget is funding the second year of Canada’s Economic Action Plan to help create jobs and tackle the global recession here at home. Last year, we created a $500 million agricultural flexibility program, which is helping to market Canadian food internationally and allowing farmers to make improvement and upgrades to farms all across the country.

Our Government is taking action to promote healthier, safer food while increasing the bottom line for farmers. We have invested in the local food movement and farmers’ markets and created Canada’s first ever organic regulations. We have strengthened Product of Canada guidelines, hired 538 net new food inspectors since taking office, and invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Our actions are making a difference for farmers and consumers across the country and around the globe. Canada is currently the world’s fourth-largest agricultural and seafood exporter with $42.8 billion in food and agricultural exports to 195 countries in 2008. Our Government understands that trade is vital to our economy and we are taking action to open new markets for agricultural products. Our actions have already opened beef markets in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and now China has announced it will reopen its markets. We have also secured a partnership that will see Canadian pulse (edible seeds such as lentils, beans, and peas) exports to China increase from $100 million to an estimated $500 million.

These are real accomplishments that are creating new opportunities. Our Government will continue to open new markets and deliver real support to hard-working farmers all across Canada.