Looking Ahead to the 41st Parliament

May 13, 2021
On May 2nd, Canadians from coast to coast voted in the 41st General Election. During the election period, which ran from March 24th to May 2nd, we saw many twists and turns in the various campaigns. Now as we head into the 41st Parliament, there are many notable changes including a majority government and a change in the Official Opposition with NDP now responsible for this role. I am honoured to be returning to this Parliament as your voice in Ottawa and will continue to work hard with our Government, led by Prime Minister Harper, to represent your interests.
I would first like to thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement throughout my campaign. I was continually overwhelmed by the warm wishes extended by so many of you and I will remember that for years to come. I would also like to thank the many, many volunteers who dedicated so much of their time and energy to my campaign. Volunteers are the backbone of any campaign or organization. Their dedication and immense enthusiasm are to be commended. We are known to have outstanding volunteerism here in Dufferin-Caledon and I must say it’s definitely alive and well!
I would also like to congratulate the other candidates on their very organized, thoughtful, and spirited campaigns. They too, worked incredibly hard to present their visions of Canada to the residents of this riding. It takes a great deal of courage and personal sacrifice to run for public office and I commend each of the candidates for their commitment and dedication to our community.
Now as we put the election behind us, we look to the future and the 41st Parliament. Our Government is eager to return to the unfinished business before the election was called, mainly continuing Canada’s economic recovery and job creation. Canada has created nearly 540,000 jobs since July 2009 and our economy has grown for six straight quarters. Our country’s continued job growth, once again, shows our Government is on the right track for Canadian families. However, we need to stay the course with our prudent, low-tax plan to protect and create jobs, as too many Canadians are still looking for work and the global economic recovery still remains fragile.
Most recently, the Honourable Jim Flaherty, the Minister of Finance, was in Washington, D.C., where he addressed the Council of the Americas Summit and reaffirmed our Government’s priorities and our low-tax plan for jobs and growth. While in Washington, the Minister also promoted Canada as an economic leader in the world and also highlighted our efforts to expand trade in the Americas and around the world through the signing of eight agreements and in negotiations with 50 more.
I look forward to returning to Ottawa for the 41st Parliament. I’m sure it will prove to be both an exciting and challenging time for our country, but our Government is up for the task. Just as always, I encourage you to contact any of my offices with any federal concerns you may have. My Ottawa office may be reached by telephone at 613-995-7813 or by e-mail at tilsod@parl.gc.ca. My Orangeville constituency office may be contacted by telephone at 519-941-1832 or by e-mail at tilsod1@parl.gc.ca and my Bolton constituency office may be contacted by telephone at 905-857-6080 or by e-mail at tilsod1a@parl.gc.ca