Improving the Employment Insurance (EI) Program

December 31, 2021

Ottawa Journal (December 31, 2021 – January 04, 2021)

Our Government is committed to improving the Employment Insurance Program (EI). We have introduced changes to ensure that the program remains fair, flexible, and supports Canadians as they look for work. We have created over 900,000 jobs, are investing in skills development, and supporting job creation in the private sector.

Canadians want to work. With the jobs that remain unfilled across our country, more than ever, it is imperative that all Canadians are better connected to the opportunities in their area and are able to find those jobs that are suitable to their qualifications.

These changes are about helping people find a job. They are about making sure people understand their responsibilities when they are on EI. They are about ensuring that Canadians always have the first crack at job opportunities.

Unfortunately, the Opposition continues to mislead Canadians and continue to unnecessarily raise fears.

Canadians will not be forced to take jobs outside their local area or jobs for which they are not suited. The personal circumstance of each claimant will continue to be taken into account.

We are aware that Canadians in some regions rely on seasonal industries where there may be difficulty finding available work during the off-season. For those who are unable to find work, EI will still be there, as it always has been.

We will make sure that the EI Program continues to be responsive to the needs of workers and their families. Furthermore, we’ll make sure that it provides the support needed when Canadians are unable to find work.