Helmets to Hardhats Canada

September 20, 2021

Ottawa Journal (September 24 – September 28, 2021)
David Tilson, MP

Canada is a uniquely blessed nation and much of it begins with the generations of men and women who have always been there to defend our great country. They have served Canada with honour and courage – and at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.

Our Government is proud of Canada's heroes and we are determined to be there for them in every way we can. Our Government’s record of action confirms this support. During the last six years, we have implemented a comprehensive package of new benefits, services, and programs to ensure that these remarkable Canadians have the care and support they need – when they need it and for as long as they need it.

This why we recently announced the official launch of the Helmets to Hardhats Canada website, our newest initiative to help Veterans and men and women in uniform make a successful transition to civilian life.

Through our participation in the Helmets to Hardhats Canada program, we are creating more opportunities for Veterans and those releasing from the Canadian Forces to find meaningful new employment. The Helmets to Hardhats Canada program is another effective way to do that. It is an innovative partnership that brings union and private- and public-sector resources together to match Veterans with good-paying jobs and training in the building, construction, and trade industries.

Through this website, Veterans and military personnel can now easily connect online with employers who recognize and value the great skills, discipline, and character of our men and women in uniform, both past and present.

Our Government is so confident about the potential of this not-for-profit program that we have contributed $150,000 toward its success. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the funding earlier this year to complement our existing programs designed to help Veterans find good-paying, satisfying work after their military service. After all, Veterans have told us that starting a meaningful career is one of their most important goals when they leave the military.

We will continue to support Canada’s Veterans and men and women in uniform and we are doing everything we can to help them find the high-quality jobs they deserve after serving our country with dignity and pride.