Canada’s New Ministry

On May 18th, Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled the new Federal Ministry going into the 41st Parliament.
May 23, 2021
On May 18th, Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled the new Federal Ministry going into the 41st Parliament. The new ministry is about stability and continuity, which is reflective of what Canadians chose on May 2nd, in electing a strong, stable, national majority Government. A strong ministry will ensure that our economy will remain the focus of our Government, as well as the  priorities of Canadians including: jobs and growth; support for seniors; protecting our health care system; continuing our efforts to make our streets and communities safer; and working to reduce (and ultimately eliminate) the deficit. Our Government, together with the new ministry, is up for the task.

The new ministry is an impressive mix of experience and diversity. Not only are there many well-known and experienced faces, but there are also many new faces. Both men and women of wide and varied backgrounds continue to be represented in the ministry, as well as all regions of Canada. This will ensure that our Government will have a wide range of perspectives to tackle the important issues we will be facing in the coming weeks. For a complete list of the new Federal Ministry, please feel free to visit Prime Minister Harper’s website at:

Last week, the Honourable John Baird, while still Government House Leader (he is now Minister of Foreign Affairs), announced that the 41st Parliament will return on Thursday, June 2nd. The House of Commons will elect its Speaker the same day as its first order of business.

The Speech from the Throne, which will be read by His Excellency, the Right Honourable David Johnston, will follow on June 3rd. The Speech from the Throne outlines the Federal Government’s course for the year ahead and is delivered in the Senate. Canadians can expect our Government to move quickly to implement the next phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. Our country is emerging from the global recession as one of the strongest economies in the world; however, our Government also recognizes the recovery remains fragile and Canadians continue to be concerned with jobs and the future. We will implement our low-tax plan for jobs and growth that provides financial security for seniors, workers, families, and looks to secure long-term prosperity.

Our Government, with the new ministry, will hit the ground running on June 2nd when the 41st Parliament officially begins. We will continue our track record of keeping a focused agenda, while always remembering and delivering on the priorities of all Canadians.