Budget 2013 – Canada’s Economic Action Plan

April 12, 2021

Ottawa Journal (April 15 – April 19, 2021)

Our Government is focused on jobs and economic growth. Canada has created over 950,000 net new jobs with the support of our Economic Action Plan. This is the best record in the G7 and a sign that we’re on the right track. So, our Government is working to better connect Canadians with jobs, support communities by investing in essential infrastructure such as roads and public transit, and preserve and enhance Canada’s fiscal strength so our country is well-positioned for long-term prosperity.

Through Economic Action Plan 2013, we’re staying focused on the top priorities of Canadians. In particular, the Plan aims to address continued job creation and the skills mismatch between those seeking work and the positions that are available. This is why we announced major new initiatives in this year’s Budget to link job seekers and available opportunities. It includes the Canada Job Grant, which gives workers and employers more control over training with our Government providing a third of up to $15,000 of training funding for workers applying for actual new or better jobs. It includes measures to create opportunities for apprentices by working with the provinces to harmonize requirements and encourage the use of apprentices on projects receiving federal funding. It also renews our commitment to supporting jobs for all Canadians, including underrepresented groups such as persons with disabilities, youth, Aboriginal peoples, and newcomers.

Our Government also recognizes the importance of infrastructure in our communities such as transportation, community centres, and water treatment. This web of infrastructure touches every Canadian, links within and between our cities and towns, and is essential to continued economic growth. Economic Action Plan 2013 delivers the new Building Canada Plan, which in combination with other measures in the Budget, is the largest infrastructure program in Canada’s history. The Building Canada Plan will provide stable funding over 10 years and will help keep our communities moving with investments in roads, bridges, commuter rail, and other aspects of transit and transportation.

Our Government is also acting to preserve Canada’s G7-leading fiscal strength. It’s that strength that enabled us to respond quickly and effectively to the global economic recession. By staying on track to balance the Budget in 2015, we are helping ensure Canada has the means to navigate the fragile global economy. Moreover, we are doing this through efficiencies and savings in government operations, not at the expense of individuals or provinces. This means we are keeping taxes low so Canadians can benefit from a lower GST, lower income taxes, and lower taxes on job creators.

Our Government continues to support communities and hard-working families. We’re focused on jobs, economic growth, and the long-term prosperity of Canada.