‘Buy America’ Raises Serious Concerns for Canadian Industry & Jobs

July 29, 2021

U.S. President Donald Trump recently signed an Executive Order on the Buy America rules, from which Canada is not exempt. This is yet another huge hit for Canada’s steel industry, in addition to making it even more difficult for Canadian companies to successfully secure infrastructure and public projects from the American government. This new punitive Executive Order was raised during a recent meeting of Canada’s premiers in Saskatoon where they jointly called on the current Liberal government to secure Canadian exemptions from the Buy America policies to prevent further job losses.

Canadians remember that the current Liberal government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, failed to secure a better deal on the NAFTA re-negotiation just last year. After promising Canadians he would renegotiate better terms for Canada, he capitulated to President Trump on everything from auto manufacturing; prescription drugs; steel and aluminum tariffs; future trade deals with other countries; to Buy America provisions. Given his record of failure, Canadians are rightfully concerned about the impact this most recent Executive Order on the Buy American rules will have on Canadian industry and especially Canadian jobs, as we’ve already seen the damage such policies can cause. However, despite Canada’s premiers raising their concerns, things have become worse. For example, we recently learned 550 jobs will be lost at Bombardier’s Thunder Bay facility, as a result of the Buy America Act. 

Prime Minister Trudeau failed Canadians by surrendering so much and being pushed around by President Trump during the NAFTA re-negotiations and now we are seeing it happen once again with the United States’ Executive Order on Buy America. When Justin Trudeau had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to negotiate a better deal for Canadians, he gave up concession after concession to Donald Trump without securing anything in return. Canada’s hard-working steel and manufacturing workers are now paying the price.

The Prime Minister promised that Canada would be respected on the world-stage, but clearly he is Not as Advertised. It’s obvious that our trading partners see Justin Trudeau as a weak leader who will be pushed-around every step of the way on the world stage. In stark contrast, a Conservative government will always fight for Canadian workers and jobs. We will stand firm in defence of Canadian interests to detrimental policies, such as Buy America, unlike Prime Minister Trudeau and the current Liberal government who’ve failed to act. This is the kind of strong, decisive leadership Canadians want and deserve.