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Parent Survey on Education

For the first time in Ontario’s history, the provincial government will ask all parents their views on the province’s public education system.  As Minister of Education Janet Ecker said when announcing this survey, “It is important that we are accountable to parents and that parents have a strong voice in our education system”.  The launch of the Parent Survey means that Ontario joins other jurisdictions that ask for parental involvement, including Alberta, England and Scotland.

Our government has always stressed that parents are key partners as we refocus our education system on improving student learning and achievement.  New clear, understandable report cards, more effective school councils and province-wide standardized tests for students are just some ways our government has helped parents become more involved in their children’s education.

Parents across the province will receive the first ever Parents Survey in the mail.  The survey will also be included in the government’s Winter 2001 ON Magazine.  A focused telephone survey of parents will also be conducted province-wide this winter to compliment the mailed survey.

Questions asked in the survey range from assessing the quality of education to school safety.  Other subjects, such as setting priorities and responding to parents’ needs, are also covered.

The Parent Survey is an unprecedented opportunity for parents to have their say on how well the education system is serving their children.  With the responses remaining strictly confidential, parents can let the government know if their children are receiving the help they need, if they have too much homework and how well their children are grasping the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics.

Our government feels it is important to reach out to parents and ask:  “What more can be done to make our education system better?”  So, I would encourage all parents to fill out the survey and return it.

The information collected will help determine future improvements to the education system.  The information will be used to establish a baseline for future yearly comparisons.  Results of the survey will be made public next spring.

The Parent Survey will also be included on the Ministry of Education’s website, <>, while a toll-free number (1-800-387-5514) will also be available for parents to call should they require extra copies of the survey. 

Many parents are looking forward to providing their input to the government.  With the help of the Parent Survey, their advice will go a long way to helping make the education system more accountable to parents and responsive to the needs of our students.



David Tilson, MPP                                                    Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey





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