MPP JOURNAL for the week of May 11, 2021


Making Ontario's Streets safer for our Children

Many of us are concerned with the safety of our streets and communities. As parents, we have children who walk to school and to the corner store. Fear should not be in our minds as we ponder their whereabouts. The Ontario Government is committed to making the streets of Ontario safer places to be.

One issue that plagues the streets of Ontario is Child Prostitution. The Ontario government wants to help children caught in the misery of prostitution.

The proposed changes being made by the Attorney General will give the Children's Aid Society and police the tools and resources to find children in dangerous situations, and place them into safe and secure places. The Ontario government wants these children to have the opportunity to start a new life.

After observing similar legislation in Alberta, we can estimate that 1,200 children and youths will be helped by this service in the first year alone.

The Ontario government also wants to take the profit out of crime. One solution is to re-introduce legislation called the "Remedies for Organized Crime and Other Unlawful Activities Act".
Organized crime can take many forms, which include telemarketing fraud, Insurance fraud, Cellular phone fraud, Auto theft and Credit card fraud.

This act will allow civil law to freeze, seize and forfeit the proceeds of unlawful activity. Proceeds from these activities will be placed into a fund. For example, the profits from an insurance or credit card fraud will be placed into this fund.

The residents of Ontario work hard for their income and the Ontario government wants to protect everyone from becoming a victim of organized crime. Those directly victimized by organized crimes, where property has been placed into this fund, will be able to claim compensation.

Government and police services will be permitted to apply for grants in order to fund programs that prevent victimization by organized crime. To give an estimated amount which this forfeiture fund can accumulate, the State of New Jersey, with a population similar to Ontario, in 1999 forfeited about $3.3 million in assets.

This law will also prevent Ontario from becoming a haven for organized criminals from all over the world. For example, the proceeds of a New York crime could be seized if brought into Ontario.

Crime has been reduced in Ontario within the last six years. The Ontario Government recognizes this, and the fact that more needs to be done. I am a member of the Crime Control Commission, which will consult on a variety of topics to help in this process.

These topics include how improved sentencing and release policies could reduce repeat offences, the impact of the federal young offenders law, and opportunities to reduce crime through early intervention. The Commission will carry out ongoing consultations with stakeholders and the general public.

If you are interested in these and other crime-related topics, please watch for the nearest "Community Forums on Crime", which the Commission will hold across communities in Ontario. Members of the police services, leaders in the community and citizens-at-large will be heard concerning their thoughts about public safety.


David Tilson, MPP Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey



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