MPP JOURNAL for the week of April 2, 2021


David Tilson, MPP Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey

Seizing Tomorrow's Opportunities

What should Ontario look like in the year 2015? What values and principles should inform that vision? And how will we make that vision a reality?

These are the questions that the Ontario PC Party will put to its party members and the public, in the largest public consultation in Canadian political history. This initiative, known as Seizing Tomorrow's Opportunities, was launched by Premier Mike Harris in Toronto on January 24th. The Premier has challenged the tens of thousands of members of the Ontario PC Party to share their values, beliefs, and ideas, in pursuit of this goal: to define a compelling vision of Ontario in the year 2015, and come up with the fresh, creative ideas that will make that vision a reality.

Ontario faces significant challenges to its prosperity and quality of life in the 21st century. We must prepare for these challenges now. Fortunately, we begin with an Ontario that is more prosperous, and provides more opportunities, than ever before. But we will not continue to enjoy hope and opportunity into the future, if we just sit back and take the future as it comes.

With our great province back on the right track, it's time to dream again. Time for the Ontario PC Party to create the next vision for a better Ontario-and a better Canada. This visioning initiative will draw on the knowledge, judgement and energy of all provincial Party members to create an action agenda that will determine our province's future. Across Ontario, all Party members-thousands of people from every walk of life-will be asked to share their fresh, creative ideas for tomorrow's Ontario.

Seizing Tomorrow's Opportunities will have three distinct phases:

Principles. An extensive consultation with Ontario PC Party members across the province to reaffirm and prioritize our principles through an on-line survey and meetings throughout the province;

  • Destinations. The development of bold and clearly articulated new ideas for the future of Ontario-built on the ideas, values and beliefs of the membership of the Ontario PC Party;
  • Promises. The creation of long-term policy directions and initiatives that will lead to an even better Ontario in 2015-a province with a standard of living and quality of life second to none in North America.

This ambitious consultation is in keeping with our party's history of listening-a history that has produced innovative ideas and policies that have helped Ontario succeed, such as The Common Sense Revolution. From the successes of G. Howard Ferguson in the 1920s, to the post-war triumphs of Premiers Drew, Frost, Robarts and Davis, the innovations that have made Ontario the best place to live in North America came from looking far into the future, and thinking big.
All Ontario PC Party members-and all Ontario citizens-are invited to participate in Seizing Tomorrow's Opportunities by logging on to our website at:

I believe that only the Ontario PC Party has the reach and commitment to define-and deliver-the next vision for Ontario. Other parties rely on polls and vested interests for their promises. They can see only as far as the next election. We rely on people-because only they can help us define and achieve the kind of Ontario we want in the next decade. Together, we can create a bold new vision for our province's future and lay the groundwork to seize tomorrow's opportunities and build a better Ontario.

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