MPP JOURNAL for the week of March 5, 2021


David Tilson, MPP Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey

Ontario Fights and Prevents Crime

Our provincial government has made significant policy advancements that have improved not only the quality of life in Ontario in terms of economic standards, but also in terms of securing the safety of citizens in our communities. The Ministry of the Solicitor General is one such Ministry, which has worked to increase the safety of Ontario's public.

The Ministry of the Solicitor General believes in an Ontario that is comprised of safe, secure and prosperous communities, supported and protected by a modern, effective and accessible justice system. To enhance real public safety in Ontario, the ministry has worked to strengthen its existing programs and implement innovative changes that will improve the overall effectiveness of the justice system.

Policing, the Ontario Provincial Police, public safety and victim's services' initiatives brought forward by this Ministry have been particularly effective. In terms of policing, the Ministry has put 1000 new officers on Ontario streets through the initial Community Policing Partnerships programs. It has improved public safety through the Sergeant Rick McDonald Memorial Act, which imposes more severe penalties on those who flee police, and by implementing a new Suspect Apprehension Pursuit Regulation that increases pedestrian and police safety when criminals are recklessly fleeing police.

Specific spending initiatives were strategically pursued in order to enhance the strength of the OPP. Budgetary allocations have been dedicated to establishing rural and agricultural crime prevention units to reinforce the break and enter task force and Cottage Watch programs. Modernizations of the Ontario Fire College and the Coroner's Office have been pursued. The Ministry has also provided $2 million annually to create specialized OPP teams such as those which provide intensive patrols on the province's snow trails and waterways, those which fight crimes that target senior citizens, and those which respond to the emerging threat of computer crimes.

Public safety is the driving concern of this Ministry. A public education campaign was launched through the Office of the Fire Marshall and its Public Safety Council. $190,000 has been provided to initiate 'Partnerships Toward Safer Communities' to develop, with communities and private sector, emergency prevention, preparedness and response programs. In addition, the Partners Against Crime program has assisted 63 community groups in developing and implementing strategies that prevent crime and promote public safety.

While Solicitor General focuses much of its resources on preventative programs, it does provide victim services as well. In this respect the Ministry has increased their funding for victims programs over previous years with $229,500 for five additional Victim Crisis and Referral Services offices in Ontario. It has worked to train community volunteers in victim crisis assistance and Sexual Assault Centres, and has expanded by eight the number of Partner Assault Response programs affiliated with Domestic Violence Counts.

This Ministry has taken bold initiatives that are making a major difference in the way Ontario fights and prevents crime. From reinforcing policing services and enhancing forensic technology to expanding victim services, the ministry is strengthening current programs and introducing innovative measures to protect citizens.


David Tilson, MPP Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey

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