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Ontario Internship Program

I am pleased to announce that the Ontario Internship Program is now recruiting for the year 2001/2002. Initiated by the Ontario government, this program is designed to aid those whom have recently graduated from university or college so that they may gain hands-on experience, while building their skills and portfolio. It is an excellent way to explore career options and become more familiar with the Ontario Public Service.

The internship position lasts for two years, during which time they will hold three, eight-month job assignments. The interns are assigned mentors that provide professional advice and guidance. They also have access to a network of fellow interns to share their experiences. Unlike many other internship programs, if chosen, interns will receive a competitive annual salary and experience in three different professional job positions.

From the numerous applicants, one hundred interns will be chosen and divided into eight specialty areas within the Ontario Public Service. These areas consist of Business and Financial Planning, Communications, Contract and Service Management, Electronic Service Delivery, Human Resources, Information and Information Technology, Labour Relations, and Policy Development. Interns will acquire comprehensive knowledge on the overall structure of the government and more of an in-depth knowledge of the ministry in which they have been assigned.

Upon completion of the two-year internship program many interns have been successful in obtaining full-time positions within the Ontario Public Service. In 1999, eighty percent of the interns that completed the program were retained within the Ontario Public Service. Having a son that has recently graduated from a post-secondary institution, I sympathize with a new graduate's difficulty in seeking and obtaining employment with little or no work experience in their chosen professional field. This program allows for selected applicants to gain work experience and determine the career that is right for them.

This program is a great opportunity for all recent graduates in Ontario. I am proud to be part of a government that is aiding our youth through the difficult transition from new graduate to full time employee. The Ontario Internship Program is providing the interns with the skills they need to compete in a highly competitive workforce.

Applications must be completed online by February 22, 2002. In order to qualify the applicants must have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution with a degree or diploma, within the last five years. Successful applicants will begin their internships in June/July 2002. For more information on the program contact our community office at 1-800-265-1603, the Ministry of Education and Training Hotline at 1-888-JOB-GROW (562-4769) or on-line at .





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