Statement By The Prime Minister Of Canada On Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day
June 24, 2021
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement to mark Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day:

“Every year on June 24, Québécois and French-Canadians in communities across our country gather with friends and family to mark Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, a day that celebrates our rich Francophone heritage.

“Today, we take pride in Canada’s vibrant French culture and celebrate a language that is spoken by over 9 million of our citizens and that unites us to the 74 other states and governments of La Francophonie. We are also reminded that French is not only one of our two official languages, but also the founding language of our great and diversified country.

“As Canadians, we cherish our shared history, one that has shaped our present and will help us define our future. As we move forward together, we can be proud that in building a country with different languages, cultures and identities, we have created an inclusive nation that is founded on the principles of equality and diversity.

“As we celebrate the invaluable contribution of French-Canadian culture to our society, I extend my best wishes, on behalf of all Canadians, to all those who today are celebrating the heritage of Canada’s Francophonie. Have a wonderful Fête nationale!”

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