March 10, 2021

Just 42 days after the Budget, Canadians will benefit from investments to stimulate the economy

BRAMPTON, ON – Prime Minister Stephen Harper today provided Canadians with an advanced update on the fast-track implementation of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.
“We are responding, with unprecedented urgency, to one of the greatest challenges our country has ever faced,” the Prime Minister said in a speech to the Brampton and Mississauga Boards of Trade. “In the 42 days since our Action Plan was presented, we have taken extraordinary steps to ensure the stimulus starts flowing as quickly as possible.”
In addition to tabling the Budget well ahead of normal practice, the Prime Minister also highlighted the Government’s success in cutting red tape, with the Cabinet and Treasury Board approvals processes being cut by up to 2-6 months each. 
“We are running six to twelve months ahead of the usual budget timetable,” said the Prime Minister, “As a result, by April 1 we will be able to start pumping $20 billion directly into the economy, representing close to 90 percent of the stimulus for 2009-2010 under the Action Plan.”
The Prime Minister also repeated his call for the Opposition Parties to ensure quick passage of the Budget legislation and Estimates which are both crucial to Canada’s Economic Action Plan.  
“These measures are simply too important to risk being delayed by an opposition determined to play politics,” said the Prime Minister. “Too many jobs, too many families’ mortgage payments and too many seniors’ income security are at stake.”
The Prime Minister also used his speech to summarize the main objectives of Canada’s Economic Action Plan including:
·   Support for workers and taxpayers;
·   Support for the housing sector;
·   Infrastructure investment to create jobs;
·   Support for businesses and communities;
·   and improved access to financing.

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