Statement By The Prime Minister Of Canada To Honour The Canadian Armed Forces
June 05, 2021
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement to mark Canadian Armed Forces Day:

“Today we honour the remarkable dedication and hard work of the members of Canada’s Armed Forces who courageously put their lives on the line year-round to defend our interests, strengthen our sovereignty and keep Canadians safe and secure.

“Our troops are making differences at home and abroad: in Afghanistan, our men and women in uniform are helping rebuild their country, training Afghan security forces to fight terrorism and maintain stability; in Libya, our Forces are working with international partners to protect civilians; and in Haiti, our troops continue to participate in humanitarian operations. On a daily basis, our Canadian Armed Forces protect and defend Canadians from the threats of global terrorism while closer to home, they are on standby to quickly respond to natural disasters like the recent devastating floods in Manitoba and Quebec.

“On this day, we must also thank the families whose love and support give our men and women in uniform the strength they need to continue to serve while they are away for long periods of time. 

“Let us also pay tribute to those brave soldiers, sailors and air men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives serving this great country. 

“The Canadian Armed Forces deserve our highest respect. Our Government is committed to supporting our men and women in uniform by ensuring they have the right equipment to get the job done, and the care and services they need when they return home. 

“On behalf of all Canadians, I offer my most sincere gratitude for the incredible determination and self-sacrifice the members of our military demonstrate each and every day.”

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