Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces Canada to build Haitian Government Administrative Base
February 15, 2021
PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that Canada will support the construction of a Temporary Government Administrative Base for the Haitian Government in Port-au-Prince.  The Prime Minister made the announcement following a meeting with René Préval, President of Haiti, and Jean-Max Bellerive, Prime Minister of Haiti.
“The support that Canadians and the international community extended to Haiti is a testament to the compassion that unites humanity in the face of catastrophe,” said Prime Minister Harper.  “The establishment of a Temporary Government Administrative Base is an important step towards early recovery and reconstruction efforts.  Canada will continue to support the Haitian Government as it moves forward with its reconstruction and development agenda.“
The Base will accommodate key ministries and Haitian public servants for up to a year.  The Base will enable the Haitian Government to create a centralized operational centre from which they can more effectively manage and coordinate the hard work ahead.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in Haiti for a two-day visit, his first visit since the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12. 
Canada is currently the second largest donor in response to the Haiti Earthquake, after the United States.



As a result of the January 12 earthquake, most government buildings in Port-au-Prince have collapsed or have been severely damaged.  Jean-Max Bellerive, Prime Minister of Haiti, made a formal request for Canada’s assistance to establish facilities where key government officials can work together.

Canada is responding to this request with support to establish a Temporary Government Administrative Base in Port-au-Prince.  The Government of Canada will provide up to $12 million to support the establishment of the Base for up to one year.  The Base will accommodate key ministries and Haitian public servants.  It will consist of:
  • Semi-permanent modular shelters and soft-sided air inflatable shelters
  • Administrative materials and equipment, including office equipment (computers, desks) and office supplies
  • Information technology and communication equipment
  • Electricity, water and cooling systems
  • Sanitation equipment and facilities

A preliminary assessment of the feasibility and cost of transportation, installation, operations and maintenance of the Base has been completed.

Once the site location is confirmed by the Haitian Government, construction of the Base will begin.

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