Building Canada
January 21, 2021
Our Government has remained committed to making a stronger and better Canada for all of us. This commitment extends to improving infrastructure from coast to coast. We are doing this through the historic Building Canada infrastructure plan. The $33 billion plan will provide more funding than any other previous infrastructure initiative that will support our country’s long-term growth.

The plan was formally announced late last year by Prime Minister Harper and Minister Cannon (Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities). It focuses on delivering results that matter to Canadians—cleaner air and water, safer roads, shorter commutes, and prosperous, livable communities. It is a seven-year plan (from 2007-2014) and will make a real difference in the lives of all Canadians, while complementing our country’s priorities of a stronger economy, cleaner environment, and better communities.

Building Canada was developed following extensive consultations with provinces, territories, and stakeholders. It outlines a streamlined set of programs designed to simplify the funding process and provide greater flexibility for governments to address national priorities and to respond to local needs.

British Columbia was the first province to sign on to the new national infrastructure plan. The framework agreement signed between the province and the federal Government will provide British Columbia with $2.2 billion over seven years to invest in roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, public transit and more, including the Pacific Gateway initiative, which is key to ensuring that B.C. and Canada benefit from burgeoning economic activity in the Asia-Pacific region.

Building Canada also recognizes smaller communities across Canada. It includes a Communities Component which will support projects that contribute to the ongoing development of safety and strong communities and will be evaluated on the extent to which they meet environmental, economic, and quality of life objectives. This will significantly help smaller communities address their infrastructure pressures and serve as a complementary instrument to Gas Tax Funding (GTF) funding.

Our Government understands that modern, world-class infrastructure supports economic growth and productivity, improves Canada’s competitiveness, and facilitates the movement of people and goods and this is why we have invested in this plan. Furthermore, the plan will restore public confidence and trust, as well as produce results in areas that matter most to Canadians such as: roads and highways, public transit, bridges, sewer and water systems, and green energy.

The Building Canada Plan is about investing in our country’s future. Furthermore, it is about a stronger economy, a cleaner environment, and more prosperous communities across Canada, which are priorities for all Canadians. I look forward to Ontario signing on to the new national infrastructure plan.
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