Statement by the Prime Minister
August 15, 2021
OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement on the occasion of National Acadian Day:

“Acadian history is filled with great achievements that have helped make Canada a prosperous, diverse, and united country.  August 15 is when Acadians reaffirm their attachment to a community that is proud of its past and confident of its future.  It is also the time for all Canadians to discover or rediscover the Acadians’ culture, steadfastness and solidarity, things for which this community is famous.

“This year, the August 15 celebrations carry special significance.  Acadians, by descent or in spirit, are coming together for the fourth World Acadian Congress.  This gathering of the extended Acadian family highlights the vitality of Acadians from Canada and around the world and their pride in belonging to such a deep-rooted community.  The 2009 World Acadian Congress, held in New Brunswick, is making a substantial contribution to Acadian and Francophone culture, and our government is proud to help make this event possible.

“The extraordinary vitality of young Acadians is also featured at the Grand rassemblement jeunesse which is taking place during the 2009 World Acadian Congress.  The Grand rassemblement makes it possible for young people living and growing up throughout Canada to meet.

“I wish all Acadians a happy and memorable day.  Congratulations and thanks to the organizers and many volunteers of the 2009 World Acadian Congress and the Grand rassemblement jeunesse.  Your work and energy ensure the success of these events, which have significant benefits for the economy, prosperity, and culture of your entire region and give national and international visibility to Acadia.”

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