Liberal Obstruction Puts Families’ Safety at Risk
August 07, 2021

The actions of Michael Ignatieff and his unelected Liberal Senators continue to put Canadians at risk from violent criminals and drug dealers.

Earlier this year, our Conservative government introduced Bill C-15 to better protect Canadians from drug dealers that prey on children. C-15 passed through the House of Commons before being sent to the Senate.

Before adjourning for the summer, Senators had the opportunity to pass our Conservative government’s Bill C-15 into law.  Liberal Senators moved to block the bill from passing, putting political games ahead of public safety.

Ignatieff’s Senators’ actions mean children are left at risk from drug dealers.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Conservative government has been working to improve the safety of Canadians. Currently our government has 13 Justice and Public Safety bills awaiting passage in Parliament.

Because of these unelected, unaccountable Liberal Senators, our actions to make communities safer are on hold. C-15 could have been passed a month ago. Now, Canadians have to wait for better protection. Once again, Ignatieff’s political games are putting Canadians at risk.

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