Dion’s Year of “Hero”-ics
December 06, 2021

“I have been celebrated as a hero.”
- Stéphane Dion, Mike Duffy Live, December 5, 2021

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the day when newly named Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion shocked Canadians by going on national television and proclaiming himself a “hero”.

“Hero” is a big word. Just how “heroic” has Stéphane Dion’s year been?

Heroes get things done. Stéphane Dion told Canadians he would reduce greenhouse gasses but as his own deputy leader stated, “Stéphane, we didn’t get it done...”

Heroes don’t flip-flop. When Stéphane Dion first ran for office, the Liberals said they’d abolish the GST. Then they decided to keep it. Now, in a very un-heroic move, Stéphane Dion is admitting that he is going to increase the GST.

Heroes are supposed to fight crime, yet Stéphane Dion’s Liberals have not only delayed badly needed new laws to protect families from violent crime, they are now hinting that they would weaken anti-crime laws should they get back into power.

And heroes certainly stand up for what they believe in. Yet the king of abstentions is nowhere to be found when the time comes to stand and be counted.

No results. Flip-flops. Obstructions on crime. Abstentions. Some “hero”.

Stéphane Dion doesn’t get it. Canadians aren’t looking for heroes. They just want a leader to actually lead the Liberal Party.

Not only is Stéphane Dion not a “hero”. He is not a leader either.

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