It’s National 4-H Month
November 17, 2021
The Canadian 4-H Council has been a proud part of our Canadian heritage for a very long time. It has provided innovative support and tremendous initiatives to inspire leadership in our country’s youth. National 4-H Month is an excellent time to celebrate and honour the many outstanding contributions this organization has given our youth, our communities, and our country.

Here in Ontario, the 4-H Program focuses on offering opportunities, personal development, building friendships, and having fun. The 4-H program also assists youth in gaining: self-confidence; new skills; communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills; and goal setting. This is done through participation in one or more of the 60 projects offered, ranging from drama to woodworking; life skills to livestock; and square dancing to conversation.

Youth aged 10 to 21 before January 1st of this year are eligible to become a member. A 4-H club consists of a screened volunteer (18 years or older) and six eligible 4-H Ontario members.

Our Government is proud to be a long-standing supporter of 4-H and its initiatives for rural youth. The Government of Canada has helped fund the Canadian 4-H Council since it was established in 1933. The Council organizes and coordinates national and international conferences, exchanges and scholarships which focus on leadership development, career choices such as agriculture, technology transfer and other pressing issues being faced by today's rural communities and their young people.

If you are an interested youth and would like to learn more about 4-H and giving back to your community, I encourage you to visit for the organization’s Canadian 4-H Council website. You may also wish to visit to learn more about the provincial 4-H organization.

Congratulations to the Canadian 4-H Council, its provincial organizations, membership, and volunteers on continuing their long history of cultivating responsible citizenship and confidence in Canadian youth!
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