Our Government’s Accomplishments from Fall 2007
November 26, 2021
Our Government had a terrific start to the fall session by delivering a clear vision to Canadians through the Speech From the Throne. The Speech presented a focused agenda with clear priorities and a mandate to get things done for Canadians. During the course of the fall our Government has continued to get things done for Canadians and I would like to use this week’s journal to highlight just a few of these many accomplishments.

This past fall we built on our commitment to a safe and secure Canada by immediately introducing a single, comprehensive Tackling Violent Crime bill to protect Canadians and their communities from violent criminals and predators. This includes measures on the age of protection, impaired driving, dangerous offenders, and stricter bail and mandatory prison sentences for those who commit gun crimes.

We have built on our Government’s commitment to a more democratic Canada by introducing legislation to confirm the visual identification of voters. The Bill will assist in voter identification, reduce the potential for voter fraud, and enhance the integrity and credibility of the voting process. Our Government is also demonstrating real leadership by taking action to strengthen our voting system by solving the problem of verifying the residence of voters. This new legislation resolves the problem of voting in areas where civic addresses are not used on identification.

Our Government has delivered on our commitment to the safety of Canadians by enhancing our current consumer product recall Web site. This enhancement expanded the database beyond the current juvenile product information to include other types of consumer products and includes an enhanced search function.

We built on our commitment to Afghanistan by creating an Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan.The panel is comprised of eminent Canadians who will consider options and provide expert non-partisan advice that will help parliamentarians make a decision on the future of the mission post 2009.
In terms of the environment, we continued to act on our commitment to the environment by creating the National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA). This area, which consists of more than 10,000 square kilometres of Lake Superior, will become the largest freshwater marine protected area in the world.

Most recently, our Government presented its Economic Statement. The Statement delivered on our Government’s commitment for a better Canada by making broad-based tax reductions that will strengthen our economy, stimulate investment, and create more and better jobs. The Statement provides a total of $60 billion of tax relief over this year and the next five years. Furthermore, it will reduce taxes for Canadians by lowering the Goods and Services Tax to 5%, placing money back into the hands of Canadians.

It has been almost two years since Canadians chose change and our Government has worked hard to deliver on its promises to Canadians. The fall session has produced real results for all of us, due to a clear and focused agenda. We will continue our commitment to delivering real results through strong leadership and by setting clear priorities that represent all Canadians.

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