Looking back on Torino and moving forward to Vancouver
March 13, 2021

Week of March 13 – March 17, 2021

It was only a few weeks ago that we were glued to our television sets watching the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Olympic Games, in Torino, Italy, and hoping the best for our Canadian athletes. It’s hard to believe that since then, our athletes brought 24 medals home along with the Olympic flag for the 2010 Olympics, to be held in Vancouver. I remember watching the closing ceremony in Torino from home with great pride and excitement, especially during Canada’s eight-minute presentation, inviting the world to “Come and Play with Us.” Shortly after the closing ceremony, I stopped to reflect on Canada’s accomplishments in Torino and what 2010, in Vancouver, will hold for us.

    In my research, I discovered that Canada brought home 17 medals in Salt Lake City, in 2002, so Canada significantly improved its standing in four years time. In addition, Canada came extremely close to bringing home more medals from Torino, as our team had 12 fourth-place finishes. Many coaches have said Canada is in an excellent position to bring home an anticipated 35 medals in Vancouver. The likelihood of this happening is great, considering Canada’s medal tallies since the Calgary Games of 1988. Since that time, not only has the medal count gone up, but the Canadian team has grown significantly (Canada sent 157 athletes to Salt Lake City in 2002 and 196 athletes in 2006).

    Canadian women also stood out significantly during the Torino Games. Although there were more men on the Canadian team, the women won twice as many medals (16 to 8). This trend has been growing over the last few Olympics and is incredibly encouraging and exciting. I’m also certain that after seeing the successes and strength of our Canadian women, more young women will pursue winter sports and set a great example for other countries to follow in 2010.

    I believe the Vancouver Games will be the best Olympics we’ll ever see, if our eight-minute Torino presentation is any indication. The show tried its best to demonstrate Canada’s traditions and values. The message of the show conveyed trust and reflected Canadians’ joy of winter sports and friendly competition, as well as teamwork, which are fundamental qualities of our great country. I truly look forward to the Vancouver Games and our new government’s involvement with bringing the Games to life!
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