The Conservative Government Cracks Down on Crime
April 17, 2021


Week of April 17 – April 21, 2021

In early April, Prime Minister Harper addressed the Canadian Professional Police Association. During his speech, Prime Minister Harper raised the increasing problem of crime across Canada. Drug and gun crimes, in particular, have risen, as well as the homicide rate. The new Conservative Government has pledged to take quick action to address these problems, to protect our Canadian way of life, and I would like to take this opportunity to share our plan with you.

Firstly, the new Government will hold criminals to account. This will be accomplished by establishing mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug traffickers, weapons offences, repeat offenders, and crimes committed while on parole. In addition, the Government will end conditional sentences for serious crimes and replace statutory release with earned parole.

Secondly, the new Government is working with its partners in other levels of government, to ensure there are more police officers on the streets. This initiative is particularly important because many police forces are currently under-funded and under siege. The Government will also take action by re-investing savings from the long gun registry into front-line law enforcement and invest new federal money into criminal justice priorities, including youth-at-risk programs.

Thirdly, the new Conservative Government is opposed to legalizing drugs, especially because of the harm it inflicts on our cities and communities, due to increased addiction and crime. The Government's plan is to remove drugs from the streets and our children's hands, by ensuring mandatory minimum prison sentences and large fines are given to marijuana grow operators and drug dealers. The Government will also introduce a national drug strategy, which will include a nationwide awareness campaign to discourage youth addiction before it begins.

Finally, the new Government will be tough on sex offenders and those who prey on our children. This will be accomplished by creating an effective DNA bank of all convicted sex and dangerous offenders. The Government also intends to raise the age of consent for sexual relations between children and adults from 14 to 16 years of age. Additionally, a zero tolerance policy for all forms of child pornography will be enacted.

These measures are a necessary first step to take back our streets and communities. Canadians have told their elected representatives they want to be safe once again and want action now. By working together, this can and will be achieved.

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